Entry #5

Abstract Backrounds

2009-12-06 14:37:24 by Aero-Gen

If you all have been looking through my art, you'll see that I have quite a bit of Abstract Artwork. Why? I am starting a college of abstract backrounds to anyones liking and for your own personal or commercial uses. I also that request and will have your backround within that day so if you need a request just comment or send a message describing what kind of features you may want
~The AG Team

Abstract Backrounds


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2009-12-06 19:41:28

the effort you put into this is minimal so i'll just copy paste my review form the pink version of that image
lens flares... with ink outlines filter
are you happy with the work you've produced? because you shouldn't be.
you should draw lots of thumbnails on paper before you open up photoshop or illustrator and have a very very good idea o what you want to accomplish.

you may be impress people who have no knowledge of the programs you are using but when you come across other users you end up looking like a talentless hack

but, filters aside, lets just say the background you have on your banner is wonderful original work. the text is too close to the background color and lacks any contrast so it is hardly readable and a simple drop shadow doesn't really help it.

Aero-Gen responds:

Autually, what you stated above is not what I use, I autually use custom brushes, and blending options, yes it simple and there is effort among these images, and why not be happy with my own artwork? Arent you happy with any of yours? Sure I might have impressed some of the inexperienced, but I just wanted to add something to the public, and see if people would like it. In, fact a few do like it but my goal wasnt to attract those who know how to do it, now if you want me to add work that impresses professionals, I'll be glad to conjour something up.


2009-12-06 21:34:26

yeah actually, i want to see something that doesn't use downloaded brushes or filters
and it is exactly what you use, if they are downloaded brushes its what the brush creator used to make them (the brushes)


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